Racing is Life...everything else is just waiting.

At MINCOMP racing is a way of life. The MINCOMP MINI has been in continual development since 1982. The car started it's life as an original 1966 'S' model. After an extensive search for the right car to start the conversion, Bill found the donor literally in his own back yard. Not wanting to cut up an original 'S' he continued to look for a more suitable car to trade for the collectable. The deadline to start the project had come and gone and with no other prospects coming forward the decision was made to begin the transformation to a purpose built race car.

Bill has developed the car into one of the fastest FWD minis in the world and he can do the same for your club or vintage race program. MINCOMP builds, develops and maintains all types of road racers.

Bill and his "greenish" MINCOMP MINI are a familiar sight at the SCCA Runoffs having earned an invitation to the "Big Show" every year since 1986.
SCCA's GT-L Class combines highly modified, small bore, purpose built race cars. The minis compete against Alfas, Hondas, Nissans and Toyotas. At an aerodynamic disadvantage and down several horsepower from it's newer competition, the 44 year old mini is still nationally competitive, and a huge crowd favorite. A tribute to it's original design.

Where it all gets done. It's a tube frame car, but it has the heart of a real mini... front wheel drive, transverse mounted powerunit.


Purpose built cockpit with all the essentials.. lap timer, pit radio, fully adjustable electronic ignition, brake bias, and sway bar all accesssed from the proper side of the car. It's still a mini after all!
Not much back here... easily removable fibreglass body panels reveal Penske shocks, lightweight disk brakes, fire suppression system and an 8 gallon fuel cell.